Cryogenic Regulators

Cryogenic Regulators

Cryogenic regulators can serve many purposes and fill multiple roles in cryogenic environments. CGV sells full lines of Rego & Goddard cryo regulators.

  • 1682M Series - Made for second stage regulation. C-1682M Series made for use w/ carbon dioxide.
  • 1780 Series - Made for final line pressure regulation.
  • BR1780 Series  - Made for final line pressure regulation in medical or industrial environments.
  • CBH, CBC Series  - Made to bring together the RG & ECL pressure functions. Available in several pressure ratings.
  • ECL Series - Made to control gas pressure in liquid cryogenic cylinders.
  • RG Series  - Made to control pressure on cryogenic liquid within cryogenic containers.

Many industries can benefit from cryogenic gas, like liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen. However, in order for these natural gases to be in a liquid state, they must be extremely cold — almost -200°C. No matter what business you own, you need a cryogenic gas line pressure regulator. Read on to learn more about Compressed Gas Valve, Inc., and our cryogenic gas line pressure regulators.

Food Industries

If you own a restaurant, grocery store, or other food-related business, you need to take the necessary measures to preserve your food. Liquid nitrogen is often used to preserve your food and prevent it from spoiling in storage or transportation. Liquid nitrogen is also used in treats like Dippin’ Dots.

Make sure that you stay safe around liquid nitrogen by using a gas line pressure regulator from Compressed Gas Valve. Contact us today to learn more by calling 312-766-8808. You can also read our frequently asked questions.