About Us

Compressed Gas Valve was founded in 1978 on three primary goals conceived of by entrepreneur Joseph Cregan Sr.: 

  1. Provide customers with an excellent product from market leaders. To that end, Compressed Gas Valve has since allied itself with the finest manufacturers in the compressed gas and welding industry, such as Sherwood Valve, Superior Valve, Catalina Cylinder, Taylor Wharton, Rego Valve Cryoflow Division, Flexible Components, Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, Superior Screw Products, American Healthcare and Fastest.
  2. Offer those manufacturers an opportunity to market their products to the large, loyal and ever-growing market base that Compressed Gas Valve had developed.
  3. Provide customers and manufacturers with the value added service and support of the talented Compressed Gas Valve staff. 

Joseph Cregan Sr.'s two decades in the compressed gas and welding industry prior to founding Compressed Gas Valve gave him the insight and the foresight to put these goals into action. His family continued his commitment to those principles after his death on March 13, 1988. His vision has changed not only the company, but also the compressed gas and welding field. Now, Compressed Gas Valve continues his innovation, and this constantly strengthens the company while benefiting our customers. 

Compressed Gas Valve's growth has been steady and constant over twenty-three years. We could not have achieved this without our trusted customers, and the manufacturers that we work with. We have developed our business through hard work and a true desire to provide service for you that you value. 

One simple goal underlies our three founding objectives. We want to get you what you need when you need it. 

To tell us what you need and how we can serve you, contact us