Superior HVACR has led their industry for almost a hundred years, selling both HVACR valves and accessories. Their value and success are unsurprising, as SHVACR is a company under Sherwood Valve. Their high production value and efficient service has given their distributors and customers peace of mind; we know that their reputation precedes them, and they've proved time and time again that they will provide what the customer wants. 

We are a Superior HVACR distributor because of our confidence in their products, their design quality, and testing. We know that when we ship these valves to our valued customers, we can trust the product to do the job, and do it well.  CGV backs Superior HVACR with the utmost trust.

Refrigerant Valves


Pressure Relief Devices

Ball Valves

Check Valves

Relief Valves

Service Shut-Off Valves

Superior HVACR