What are Cryogenic Valves?
Cryogenic valves are valves that are specifically constructed to handle the flow of cryogenic fluids and gases (i.e. extremely low temperatures). They are available in different sizes and shapes to cater to specific temperature settings and application requirements.

Most commonly used cryogenic valves that Compressed Gas Valve stocks are:

  • Relief valves
  • Gate valves

Why use Cryogenic Valves?
Cryogenic valves are better transmitters when efficient heat transfer is required at a varied temperature range. Different types of cryogenic valves are designed to meet the specific arrangements and job environments. They prevent leakages and excessive pressure build-up even in extreme temperature environments and intelligently open and shut when required.

While normal valves are unable to perform efficiently at extremely cold temperatures, cryogenic valves are your savior. They are capable of handling a wide range of temperatures and hence can be used for different applications. Cryogenic valves manufactured by Rego and Goddard are well known for their durability and highly efficient performance. Buy cryogenic valves from Compressed Gas Valve Store to get these useful industrial valves at the most reasonable price.