We at CGV offer a wide range of specialty gas valves for specialized industrial applications. Some fields of operations include corrosive gas, chlorine gas, analytical and instrumentation gases, flammables, refrigerants, pharmaceutical gases, and more.

We provide compressed gas solutions with the assistance of a specialty gas valve designed to guarantee such optimum safety and reliability. Our products meet the highest quality standards and surpass every inspection.

The specialty gas valves we manufacture are exclusively developed in the United States of America, are authenticated as superior quality, and have strong market credibility.
At CGV, we present specialty gas valves instilled with explicit benefits. They are fabricated using various substances like aluminium, bronze, silicone, stainless steel, and brass. Several products include an anti-extrusion pin to prevent seat extrusion. The working torque of the specialty gas valve assures an easy operational mechanism. They are leak-proof and rigorously tested to their optimal potential under harsh conditions. The trials are examined by analysts specialized in this domain for quality assurance.

We propose a diverse, one-of-a-kind series of specialty gas valves that are constructed to be functional and efficient. The products stick to CGA standards admired across the industry.

Your search for a safe and durable specialty gas valve at a reasonable price ends here.