Sherwood Valve, LLC is one of the world’s primary providers of fluid and gas regulating solutions for speciality gas, industrial gas, chlorine gas, life support, and alternative fuels. The company’s base is in Pittsburgh, PA. Sherwood has two main U.S manufacturing facilities delivering American-made products of top-notch quality. With over 100 years of experience, Sherwood has created a niche for itself by fulfilling customer requirements efficiently and with attention to detail. The company enphasis is to serve the changing needs of customers and provide first-quality product designs.

The team at Sherwood Valve comprises of about 100 employees dedicated to providing (and continually improving upon) quality standards, reliable manufacturing, and timely delivery - all at the most competitive pricing in the markets. All the products are manufactured with proper safety guidelines by a team of personnel experienced in product design and compliance testing. Their expertise helps in creating unique product designs which meet or exceed all related requirements.

Sherwood Valve was founded in the year 1894 and is specialized in offering best-in-industry customer care experience delivering critical system valves while offering comprehensive technical assistance customized to global end markets.

The century-old organization specializes in providing high-quality valves that regulate the flow of fluid and various gases.

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