Cylinder valves allow gases to be filled into or emptied from a cylinder. Their function is critical, as the compressed gases contained within are subject to explosion if any mishandling occurs.

This is one of the most vulnerable (and therefore important) parts of a compressed gas package.

The Sherwood GSV & GSHV Series Global Industrial Gas Valves are designed to be used worldwide. The GSV Series is designed to meet the newest revision of ISO 10297 and CGA V-9. This series has been developed to be used with cylinders containing inerts and flammables.

• Automated assembly and testing

• 100% leak tested for helium

• Heavy duty and long lasting brass body to withstand high pressure

• Carefully constructed to meet the highest standards of efficiency

• Plug design gives optimal flow 

• Metal seal underneath bonnet

• Direct-drive stem design includes either O-ring (GSV) or double O-ring (GSHV) to reduce friction & torque

• Many different inlet and outlet thread setups are available across a wide spectrum of uses