RegO is the worldwide leader in the manufacturer of control parts for the liquid gas and cryogenic industries.

RegO products are manufactured at four major plants in North Carolina, USA. RegO uses only the highest quality raw materials available which in turn defines the product quality and strength. All the components are designed to meet high standards of excellence and durability which RegO is providing since its inception in the year 1908.

RegO devices are manufactured to stand up to the tough surroundings and thus provide robust devices with low maintenance. The manufacturing machinery employs robotics, computer integrated processing, and CNC execution to achieve the exemplary standards set up by the company.

All the appliances are 100% reviewed for authentic performance and the manufacturing facilities boast of proficient engineers who complete designs and performance testing on site. The site has an internal examination laboratory occupied with high-pressure lines and a functioning tank farm.

RegO is acknowledged as a world leading manufacturer because of consistent quality and product innovation that has consistently surpassed expectation.

RegO products are available in a gamut of industries like electronics, energy, healthcare, chemicals, industrial gas and cryogenic liquids, food, and beverages.

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