Flow-control valves, as the name suggests, are valves that monitor the flow rate of gasses and fluids. The number one role of controlling flow in a hydraulic system is to control speed, to keep it regulated at a preferred rate. Controlling the rate of flow will therefore control the actuator’s speed. The speed of the actuator directly dictates the speed of energy transfer. In layman’s terms, the basic premise of these valves is a smaller hole —> slower flow. When the stem is fully shut, nothing can pass through. As the valve opens, the rate of flow will increase until the maximum flow is reached.

At CGV, we sell both flow-control and needle valves. Both, obviously, control flow rate, but there is one primary difference between these two. Flow control valves are designed with positioners and actuators that regulate air flow in only one direction, while simultaneously allowing free flow in the opposite direction. Needle valves, on the other hand, are bi-directional. There is flow in both directions. Choosing the type to best suit your needs is of course dependent on the application. The parameters of the job will lead you to either a unidirectional or bidirectional product. One must take into account flow rate control specifics - what are the highest and lowest rates that will be effective? How exact does this process need to be? Is precision imperative to the success of the project? One should also consider the efficacy of a threaded connection for the project, and the environment the valve will be in during use. Factors such as temperature and climate can help make the final decision of what material your valve needs to be in order to remain durable. 

If the success of your project’s end result relies on intentionally controlled air flow, these valves will get the job done. Alongside the flow control and needle valves, pipes and fittings are also often required. We sell a variety and are happy to answer any questions about any of these products. 

RegO is a trusted manufacturer here at CGV. RegO flow control valves absolutely ensure high quality industrial performance. They are always heavily tested as per the latest industrial valve performance standards.

RegO flow control valves include brass and stainless steel needle valves, check valves, line valves, and micro valves.

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