CBH Series

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CBH Series

This hardworking series of cryogenic regulators joins together the functions of pressure building & economizing. The product is compact and does both jobs effectively. Available in multiple pressures.

• All parts made to work well in extremely low temps, down to -320 Farenheit, or -196 Celsiuscopper alloy

• PTFE seat = positive shut-off down to -320 as well. 

• High & economizers = compact size, fit and work in tight spaces 

• Made to be interchangeable with existing cryogenic regulator units

• Inlet screen keeps out unwanted materials and debris

• Locknut = keep a fixed screw setting 

• Max inlet 550 psig 

• Cleaned for oxygen per CGA G-4.1

• Made to be used with argon, CO2, nitrogen, oxygen, LNG

Body --> Brass

Bonnet --> Brass

Seat Disk --> PTFE

Springs --> Stainless Steel

Gaskets -->PTFE & Copper

Diaphragm --> Bronze